Protect yourself from yourself

In 2007 Souljaboy became the youngest person ever to write, perform and produce a NUMBER 1 song on the Hot 100 Billboard Chart. This is the Soulja Boy you see pictured above with me in Jan 2008. He was a pleasure to work with and had the disposition of young man who was enjoying life and success but still staying a bit grounded. However, in less than 3 years something happened to this young artist. The picture below is how Soulja Boy looks now. Tattoos cover almost all of his upper body and he has even begun putting them on his face. A run in with notorious groupie Kat Stacks had the world speculating if he was on drugs or not and to compound matters he released an album in November which sold only 19,000 copies its first week. While the blogs all crack jokes, the unraveling of Soulja Boy for me is no laughing matter! Cont…below….

The SECRET TO THIS ENTRY IS NO GREAT MYSTERY. In life we need a system of checks and balances. When setting up your empire you MUST be sure that you keep people around you that can help you to grow in a positive direction. Form allegiances and associations that will enhance your character. From the looks of it, Soulja Boy should be choosing his associates more wisely. JUST IMAGINE IF USHER HAD DISCOVERED HIM AND JUSTIN BEIBER I DOUBT WE WOULD EVER SEE A VIDEO LIKE THIS ONE BELOW. UNBELIEVEABLE!!!